1956 Speedway Weltmeisterschaft Continental Qualifikation

  • Halo to everyone,

    I am looking for the results of some Speedway 1956 WM Continental Qualification rounds. Some sources say that there was a Qualifier (quarterfinal) in Crikvenica, but it is pretty uncertain for me. I am sure one of the semifinal was held in Warszawa (I've already got results of that meeting), but the date, venue and results of the second semi is a mystery (Abensberg?). I would be delighted if anyone can provide some info about it.


  • Thank you, Jesper, but I strongly believe that those results from Abensberg'1956 @ dlprezes.pl site are in fact results from 1957 semifinal.

    So, my request is still pending :)

  • Thank you, Jesper, but I strongly believe that those results from Abensberg'1956 @ dlprezes.pl site are in fact results from 1957 semifinal.

    So, my request is still pending :)

    Na, das ist ja mal wieder was für Weberpedia ;)

    Yes, You are right Pejotl78 the Abensberg Continental semi-final result is from 1957 (it was held on Sunday, 26 May 1957)

    In 1956 there were TWO Continental semi-finals, both on 3 May 1956.

    Semi-final 1 at Crikvenica, Yugoslavia

    Semi-final 2 at Warsaw, Poland

    The Continental Final was at Oberhausen, Germany, on 10 June 1956.

    The results are a bit sketchy and some of the qualified riders were eventually replaced by others in the Continental Final. Strangely, from the Crikvenica semi-final only one rider (the winner Erich Sidlo) qualified for the Continantal final, but seven riders (six Poles, one Czech) qualified from the Warsaw semi-final.

    Another eight riders were directly seeded to the Continental Final at Oberhausen (4 Germans, 2 Austrians, 1 Swede, 1 Dutchman)

    The results of the Crikvenica semi-final on 3.5.1956 were as follows:

    1. Erich SIDLO (Austria) - 13 Points (qualified for the Continental Final)

    - - -

    2. Drago REGVART (Yugoslavia) - 11

    3. Hans SIDLO (Austria) - 11

    4. Fred ABERL (Germany) - 11

    5. Josip KLEMENCIC (Yugoslavia) - 11

    6. Otto HOLOUBEK (Austria) - 10

    7. Valentin UNTERKOFLER (Austria) - 9

    8. Valentin MEDVED (Yugoslavia) - 9

    9. Nikola SNJARIC (Yugoslavia) -

    10. Josef SINZINGER (Germany) -

    11. Sebastian WIESENT (Germany) -

    12. Karl KIENDL (Germany) -

    13. Marcel BLANCHERE (Switzerland) -

    14. Max AEBI (Switzerland) -

    15. Moritz KÜNZI (Switzerland) -

    16. Jakob DIETRICH (Switzerland) -

    Note: Only the point scores of the top eight finishers are known for this meeting

  • Christian, chapeau bas! I hoped that Weberpedia coul unravel that puzzle :)

    Thank you very, very much.

    You have cleared my doubts about that bizarre qualification system :) Best wishes!

  • 1956 was indeed bizzare, because some riders (Aberl, Wiesent) who were eliminated in the continental semi-final, nevertheless rode in the next round, while others (Kaiser, Nazimek) who had qualified, didn't ride.

    The case of Marian Kaiser is a strange one, he rode and qualified from the Warsaw Continental semi-final, but did not ride in the Oberhausen Continental final, yet re-appeared and rode in the next round, the European final in Oslo.

  • I agree with Pejotl78 that 1956 is a mystery! Many sites list the 1957 Abensberg semi-final in error as a 1956 semi-final.

    Can you post the results from Oberhausen please Christian?

    Seidl, Siegl and Hofmeister appear to be seeded but who is the fourth German? Aberl and Wiesent are listed in Crikvenica as attempted qualifiers.

    Chrisitian mentions the strange case of Marian Kaiser.

    Kaiser qualifiers from Warszawa. He appears to be replaced by Andrzej Krzesinski in Oberhausen (3rd place) and then Kaiser reappears instead of Krzesinski at the European Final in Oslo. A simple theory would be that Krzesinski is an error and it was Kaiser who actually finished 3rd in Oberhausen.

    A definitive set of results from the 1957 Abensberg semi-final would also be nice. I have seen two versions - one incomplete and one complete that I think is wrong.

    1954 is also a mystery: Kamper and Dirtl jump from the qualifying round to the continental final (missing the semi-final). Hofmeister and Seidl qualify from the semi-final and then both miss the continental final. Can anyone explain that please?


    Oberhausen (10.6.1956)

    1. Kjell CARLSSON (Sweden) - 14 Points

    2. Josef SEIDL (Germany) - 14

    3. Andrzej KRZESINSKI (Poland) - 11

    4. Wlodzimierz SZWENDROWSKI (Poland) - 10

    5. Tadeusz TEODOROWICZ (Poland) - 10

    6. Edward KUPCZYNSKI (Poland) - 9

    7. Florian KAPALA (Poland) - 9

    8. Mieczyslaw POLUKARD (Poland) - 9

    9. Albin SIEGL (Germany) - 7

    10. Hugo ROSAK (Czechoslovakia) - 7

    11. Josef HOFMEISTER (Germany) - 5

    12. Paul CORDANG (Holland) - 5

    13. Sebastian WIESENT (Germany) - 5

    14. Fred ABERL (Germany) - 2

    15. Josef KAMPER (Austria) - 0

    16. Fritz DIRTL (Austria) - 0*

    *Fritz Dirtl was killed in a crash with Josef Kamper !

    You can watch scenes from the Oberhausen speedway meeting in this Wochenschau Clip of June 15, 1956.


    The one-minute speedway sequence starts at 0:10.22.00

  • 1957


    Abensberg (26.5.1957)

    1. Josef HOFMEISTER (Germany) - 15 Points

    2. Josef SEIDL (Germany) - 14

    3. Andrzej KRZESINSKI (Poland) - 13

    4. Josef KYSILKA (Poland) - 10

    5. Josef KAMPER (Austria) - 10

    6. Birger FORSBERG (Sweden) - 10

    7. Joel JANSSON (Sweden) - 8

    8. Simo YLÄNEN (Finland) - 7

    9. Tony KROEZE (Holland) - 6

    10. Fred ABERL (Germany) - 6

    11. Jaroslav VOLF (Czechoslovakia) - 5

    12. Mieczyslaw POLUKARD (Poland) - 5

    13. Antti PAJARI (Finland) - 4

    14. Karl KILLMEYER (Austria) - 3

    15. Albin SIEGL (Germany) - 2

    16. Thei BISSCHOPS (Holland) - 0

    The Wochenschau showed sequences of the Abensberg speedway meeting in their Newsreel of May 31, 1957


    The one-minute speedway sequence starts at 0:08:43.00

  • 1954 is also a mystery: Kamper and Dirtl jump from the qualifying round to the continental final (missing the semi-final). Hofmeister and Seidl qualify from the semi-final and then both miss the continental final. Can anyone explain that please?

    Dirtl and Kamper got a bye and were seeded through to the European Final because the Continental final clashed with a big meeting on the same day in Vienna. It was the first big international speedway event held at the Wiener Praterstadion, which was and still is Austria's biggest sports stadium. In front of 35,000 spectators Fritz Dirtl won this meeting, billed as the "Europa-Treffen" against world class opposition with a 15 point maximum, ahead of the then reigning world champion Freddie Williams, who scored 14, and was beaten by Dirtl in heat 20. Kamper finished the meeting in fifth place with 11 points.

    The top ten point scorers of the Vienna meeting were as follows: Fritz Dirtl (Austria) 15, Freddie Williams (Wales) 14, Eric Williams (Wales) 12, Bert Lindarv (Sweden) 12, Josef Kamper (Austria) 11, Gote Nordin (Sweden) 9, Birger Forsberg (Sweden) 8, Weinmeyer (Austria) 7, Wiesent (Germany) 6, Bosman (Holland) 6.

    Hofmeister and Seidl did not miss the Continantal final, which in 1954 was held on June 13 at Oberhausen. Hofmeister scored 10 points and Seidl scored 8 points (see meeting results below), but You are right, they did miss the following round a week later, the European Final held at Linköping on June 20, 1954.


    Oberhausen (13.6.1954)

    1. Kjell CARLSSON (Sweden) - 14

    2. Albin SIEGL (Germany) - 12

    3. Bill KITCHEN (England) - 11

    4. Sven SKOGLUND (Sweden) - 11

    5. Josef HOFMEISTER (Germany) - 10

    6. Olle SEGERSTRÖM (Sweden) - 8

    - - -

    7. Jack PARKER (England) - 8

    8. Josef SEIDL (Germany) - 8

    9. Karl KILLMEYER (Austria) - 7

    10. Jan KESSELMANS (Holland) - 7

    11. P.O. SÖDERMAN (Sweden) - 5

    12. Jan VAN DER SLUIS (Holland) - 5

    13. Tonny KROEZE (Holland) - 4

    14. Thei BISSCHOPS (Holland) - 4

    15. Gerrit KOPS (Holland) - 2

    16. Martinus VAN RIJSWIJK (Holland) - 1

    Qualified for the European Final at Linköping were the top 8 (all Swedes) from the Nordic Final at Oslo (3.6.1954) and the top six of the Continental Final at Oberhausen (13.6.1954), plus the two seeded Austrians Dirtl and Kamper.

    Two of the top six qualifiers from the Continental Final, Albin Siegl and Josef Hofmeister did not ride in the European Final at Linköping. The reason why Siegl and Hofmeister missed the European Final at Linköping was an other international meeting on that same day, June 20, 1954. It was a Germany vs Austria international long-track meeting at Munich, which the Germans with Siegl and Hofmeister as their star riders won with ease by 27 points to 6 against the Austrians, who were missing Dirtl and Kamper, They were expected to ride at Munich, but instead travelled to Linköping in Sweden and rode in the European Final of the World Championship.

    The promoting club BBM Munich was quite angry that the two Austrian stars were not showing up at their meeting and actually demanded the German Motorsports Federation to ban Dirtl and Kamper from riding at any other meetings in Germany that year because they had broken their contract to ride at Munich.

    At the European Final in Linköping Siegl and Hofmeister, who rode at Munich, were replaced by P.O.Söderman of Sweden (who had already been eliminated with five points in eleventh place at Oberhausen) and by the South African ! rider Fred Lang, who had not ridden in any of the previous qualifying rounds at all.


    Linköping (20.6.1954)

    1. Ove FUNDIN (Sweden) - 14

    2. Rune SÖRMANDER (Sweden) - 14

    3. Sune KARLSSON (Sweden) - 12

    4. Olle NYGREN (Sweden) - 10

    5. Fritz DIRTL (Austria) - 9

    6. Kjell CARLSSON (Sweden) - 9

    7. Olle SEGERSTRÖM (Sweden) - 9

    8. Joel JANSSON (Sweden) - 9

    - - -

    9. Bill KITCHEN (England) - 8

    10. Dan FORSBERG (Sweden) - 7

    11. Göte OLSSON (Sweden) - 5

    12. Fred LANG (South Africa) - 4

    13. Georg ANDERSSON (Sweden) - 3

    14. Sven SKOGLUND (Sweden) - 3

    15. Josef KAMPER (Austria) - 1

    16. P.O. SÖDERMAN (Sweden) - 1

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